• Retour de John Harwood

    Rating: 5/5

    Comments: Sophie was very patient and understand with me and was a huge help to me in improving my French. Gradually, I was able to improve my prunuciation and, being a native of France, Sophie inspired me with supreme confidence that I was actually begin to learn this wonderful language!. She was instrumental in helping me to improve my grammar and undertanding of French in general.

    Sophie was always well organised and punctual and she always had my best interests at heart; she showed a genuine desire to want to help me to speak French (unlike some teachers I have used on this platform) and always engineered her programs to benefit my learning in the most efficient and effective way: I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough.
    I had to postpone my studies due to travel but I very much hope to be back with her again in September!

    Feedback given: 28/06/2018

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